A Pretty Lint roller for only £1.99 ! from H&M, Get it for Free!

H&M Lint rorller free gift
Hello WP,

In this morning I was browsing brands websit like ZARA, PROMOD, MANGO and H&M. Becaus I want to go for some shopping, And that make it easy for me to have an idea where I’ll go.

Will when I was browsing H&M Websit I saw this amazing lint roller which is look very pretty with 5m adhesive paper it’s available in animal print and black colors.

Click here for see it in H&M

and because I like it too much I think I’ll give one for free for first 5 who comments in this.

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hurry up and ask for your H&M Lint roller for FREE before it became out of stock

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Summer of 2013 photographic session Marilyn Monroe !

Summer of 2013 photographic session Marilyn Monroe !

I Imagine if “Marilyn Monroe” do an ad in summer of 2013,

Then I aske how she would look like?

I work on her photo by Photoshop.

my view is:

* A bronzage
* Clear face
* A smaller nose
* Colorful jewelry
* Pastel hair color
* Dark lip stick
* Blue eyes

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